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Appointment Scheduling

VisionProPOS scheduler allows users to book Patient appointments, Non-patient appointments and handle Walk-in patients effectively. It also provides you an ability to print the appointments for a specific Physician or an Optician. You can view appointments by Physician or Optician, Date, Week, and Month or by selected date range. You can also view appointments of all clinic Physicians at the same time and easily copy and move appointments between Physicians.

  • Appointment Booking: Ability to Book Patient appointments, Walk-In patient appointments, Non-Patients appointments or even personal appointments
  • Multiple Calendars Views: Daily, Weekly, Monthly or custom date range view are available. Users can also view the calendar of Other location’s Physicians and Opticians
  • Automatic Calendar Creation: Users calendar hours are linked automatically with location business hours.
  • Transfer and Reschedule Appointments: Users are provided with the ability to transfer appointments to a different Physician or Optician with a click of a button. Appointments can also be copied and pasted. Reschedule of appointments is made easy as system will help find the next available appointment slot for a selected Day.
  • Appointment History: System maintains appointment history for Cancelled, No- Show appointments etc.
  • Available Time Slot: Search for any future available time slots for appointment booking based on the appointment Type. Users can customize Appointments types along with their consultation time e.g. Sight Test: 30 min, Contact Lens Fitting: 15 Min etc. so that the system automatically creates the appointment for the defined duration.
  • Drag and Drop: Uses can simple drag and drop to move an appointment to another day or time or change the duration of the appointment


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