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Remote Database Backup

VisionProPOS provides a built in functionality to schedule your database backups locally. We also provide a managed remote and offsite backup service at a very affordable price to encrypt and backup your data to a state of the art HIPAA compliant highly secured and redundant facility.

Our built in backup/restore database tool allows you to schedule the backups with different preset criteria’s like Range of Recurrence (start date, end date, end after X occurrences etc.), Recurrence Pattern (Daily, weekly, on specific days etc) and Recurrence Frequency (multiple times during the day).

Backup and Restore Features:

  • Unlimited number of Backups

  • Multiple backups can be performed within a day

  • Backup Reminder Warnings upon login

  • Built-in Backup & Restore utility

  • Backup Reminder if not backed up within last X (Specify your own number) days

  • Secured Restore: Only the Enterprise Admin is allowed to perform the Restore operation