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VisionProPOS is incredibly flexible and completely customizable as per your business needs. Our interface is very simple and intuitive for beginners.

Customization features:

  • Ability to customize My Work-desk for every user

  • Easily switch between all the current open windows

  • Show/Hide various navigation toolbars

  • Set your logged in themes as a user preferences

  • Customize system wide Fonts, Colors, Date Format, Time Format and Currency Format

  • Define custom shortcut keys for various VisionProPOS functions

  • Customize Invoice format

  • Customize Terms and Conditions

  • Customize Inventory management settings

VisionProPOS workdesk provides quick access to all the functions of the application. Workdesk is fully configurable for each user. Workdesk only displays the icons that user has access to which can be controlled by providing appropriate permission to the users.

My Workdesk Features:

  • Fully User Configurable
  • Quick Shortcuts for easy Access to application features
  • Customizable Icons and Labels
  • Customizable Toolbars