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SMS Packs

* Subject to availability.
SMS Pack are location based. They cannot be combined or shared with other locations.
Prices are subject to change without prior notice. All major North American wireless carriers supported.


What is a DID?
DIDs are SMS-enabled VOIP-based phone numbers that allow one-way or two-way text messaging (e.g., 757-544-9510). They are a good fit for businesses that require a local number, need to send text messages internationally, and have lower messaging volumes. Please note that international text messaging carries some restrictions.

What is a short code?
A short code is a special 5-6 digit number (e.g., 74121) used to send text messages across participating wireless carriers. Short Code is required for sending marketing promotions.

What’s the difference between short codes and DIDs? Which one should I use to send text messages?
Each is a method to handle SMS communication. The difference is in their capabilities, coverage, and pricing. Some of the main differences include:
  • DIDs are available to send text messages worldwide. Short codes are limited to national borders and have to be activated in each country where an SMS campaign will take place.
  • Throughput for DIDs is 500 messages per DID per day, at a rate of 1 SMS per 2 seconds. Dedicated short codes send up to 2,100 text messages per minute.
How much will it cost me monthly?
Random DID Billing example:
  • $5 per month DID fee
  • $15 for 250 SMS pack - Pay as you go
  • Initial Payment: $20 (plus applicable tax)
Which carriers do you support?
Carrier coverage varies and is dependent on the number used to send text messages. Carrier networks may be accessed by DIDs, short codes, or both.

SMS Coverage with DIDs
All major U.S. and Canadian carriers are supported when sending from U.S. DIDs. Global DIDs are available with International Extended SMS. Contact Us for available DIDs and carrier coverage details.

How long does it take to deliver a text message?
The response times are in the low millisecond range. However, as soon as the message is sent to the carrier, delivery and response times will vary from a few seconds to a few minutes, dependent upon the carrier and their network.

Can you guarantee delivery of every text message?
No. Deliverability is dependent upon the carrier and their network.