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Reports provide you a deeper look at your business and helps you plan strategically for the next day, month or year. VisionProPOS report module is very robust and unique as compared to other comparable products in the market. Our unique interface allows you to run and view multiple reports at the same time so that you can easily compare and flip between reports. VisionProPOS reports module provides you with beautiful formatted yet powerful reports to quickly determine the sale/profit of your practice with a simple click of a button.

Reports Features:

  • Built In Reports: Location based Sales, Payments, Profit and summary reports are built in the system. If you do not find the required report to fulfill your specific business needs please contact us and we will design it for you at no added cost, if we feel that it adds a value to our software.

  • Export: Reports can be exported to different formats e.g. PDF, XLS, MS Word, RTF etc.

  • Graphical Reports: We also have unique Graphical reports that you can share with your sales staff. Graphical reports can also be customized e.g. Bar Charts, Pie Charts, Lines, Points and many more.

  • Year End Reports: We also have special reports for accountants to complete your business year end and taxes. These reports can be exported and sent to your accountants.


Given below are some of the Reports:

Sales & Payments

  • End of Day
  • End of Day Items Sold
  • Invoices Sales Summary
  • Invoices Sales Detailed
  • Sales Summary
  • Payments Received
  • Pending Payments
  • Insurance Invoice Summary
  • Patient and Insurance Adjustments


  • Inventory Count
  • Inventory Details
  • Inventory Audit
  • Contact Lens Orders
  • Spectacle Orders
  • Best Selling
  • Worst Selling


  • Time sheet
  • Commissions
  • Appointments

Practice Analysis

  • New Patient Seen
  • Patient Referrals
  • Yearly Analysis
  • Profit Summary
  • Profit Detailed


  • Estimates
  • Rx Expired