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Quick Sale

VisionProPOS has a quick sale screen which will allow you to perform all function including creating new patient, record RX details, Dispense Frame, lens, Lens Treatments, Contact Lens, Services, apply discounts and promotions, accept payments and print receipts all from a single screen. Given below are some of the key features of our quick sale screen

Quick Sale features:

  • Quick and easy
  • Select Patient or Create new patient
  • On Touch Patient Recall creation
  • Select existing RX or Enter new Glasses Rx or Soft Contact lens Rx
  • Create Single or Multiple spectacle orders
  • Create single or Multiple Contact orders
  • Ability to quickly select Lens using our smart lens selection dropdowns or scanning UPC
  • Ability to quickly select Frame using our smart lens selection dropdowns or scanning UPC
  • Apply Items Discounts, Invoice Discounts and even Promotions to the Invoice.
  • Smart Selections screens for Frames, Lens, Contact Lens, Accessories, Services, Treatments.
  • Ability to select the User for individual items for user based commission
  • Ability to select the Invoice, Items and payment date
  • Select the Order or Stock options for Frames, Lens or Contact Lens to generate patient orders
  • Records Frame Notes, OD and OS Lens Notes, Invoice Notes, Contact Lens Notes & Payment Notes
  • Select Lab, Lab Order Reason, Job Type, Promise Date & Tray #
  • Print Invoice (various invoice formats to choose from including thermal receipts)
  • Print Lab Orders (Spectacle Order & Contact Lens Orders)
  • Print Patient Label
  • Print Tray Label
  • Print Rx