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Invoices & Lab Orders


All Invoice related functions are available on one screen including Creating spectacle order, Contact lens order, Payments, Credits, Returns, Notes, Discounts and Promotions

Invoices Tab list all Invoices along with their status. The user can perform various actions including VOID, Returns, Print and send Invoices and Lab Orders electronically via E-Mail or Fax.

Invoice Features:

  • Single Invoice on Letter
  • Double invoice on Letter (Patient & Merchant Copy)
  • Single Invoice with tray insert on 5.5x8.5 paper
  • Single Invoice without tray insert on 5.5x8.5 paper
  • Ability to Print barcodes and tray labels for cut outs
  • Print GST # on invoice


Spectacle Lab Order screen allows users to select Frame, RX, Lens and treatments. The user can even change the price of the dispensing inventory items based on security access.

Lab Order screen lists all Lab orders for the Patient along with their status. It allows the user to create New Orders, Redo existing Lab Order or create a Repair Lab Order


Both lab order and Invoice has bar codes for easy lookup in the system. VisionPro also allows you to send Invoices and Lab Orders electronically via e-Mail and Fax.

  • Ability to Add Soft Contact Lens RX or Hard Contact Lens Rx on the fly
  • Specify the dispense type i.e. From Stock or Order and an ability to record order confirmation No. and Date
  • Special Instructions to the lab


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